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3 Day Novel Contest

There are approximately 8 days and 6 hours left before the 3-day novel contest starts for me. I still have nothing plotted. In fact, I am still reading a book on Scene and Structure and it has changed the way I view plotting. I'm about half way through the book and hope to finish it before the weekend so I can begin the plotting process. Yup, I'm beginning to wonder what the frak I've done to myself by signing up for this project. Am I insane? Totally nuts, I think. Crazy. I may or may not succeed; but I vow that I will sit down and write something. It might be shit, but it will be written.


Well, I think the most important thing is that you try. Even if you can't finish an entire novel, you'll have written something - something you'll be able to work on beyond the 3-day contest. Anywaaaaay, I hope it ends up being a rewarding experience. :-)
It will be interesting. I have already scrapped four plots because they just won't work in the time allotted. I think I may have found one...an amnesiac, trying to figure out who she is. Of course, there will be all sorts of problems along the way.
Yeah, totally nuts, in a great way.
Nothing to lose, an experience to win.

Under pressure solid masses become liquid :)
I was kinda hoping this lump of coal would turn into a diamond. NaNoWriMo is something I know I can do (50,000 words in 30 days), so this contest just ramps things up a notch. Honestly, I *am* looking forward to it. I just, sometimes, feel like I'm in over my head. A little stress is good. I just keep reminding myself of that. I'll be spending this weekend working out the plot points so I can just sit and write when the contest starts.
Hey, I was still thinking of doing it, but I do have a dilemma to solve... same one I've had since I started working from home, the need to escape for hours at a time on the weekends or go mad (er, madder). I was hoping the family would go somewhere for the long weekend and I could pet sit, but they just did a trip to the US, so it's highly doubtful.
How about an inexpensive motel for the weekend? That's always an option. Just get one that doesn't have a lot of amenities so you aren't tempted to waste time.

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