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Brimley's new vocabulary

Brimley was going through one of his loud chirping episodes. Actually, it is more like the insistent "mommy" of a two-year-old yelling at the top of her lungs. I was trying to calm him down by simply saying his name. He pretty much ignored me until I said his name calmly once more. That's when he answered, "What?" and just stood there looking at me.

Brimley's vocabulary seems to grow steadily. He can now speak in full sentences. We just haven't quite deciphered all the words yet. It takes a fair amount of practice for his version of a word to be really close to the real word. He has mastered, "I'm happy", "I'm hungry" and a few other sentences to the point where we recognize them. Most of his communication is still in one or two words at a time; but the sentences show up periodically.
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