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Duh or Aha?

I had a moment today. I'm not sure whether it qualifies as a duh moment or an aha moment.

I realized the reason I've been having trouble plotting my 3-Day novel is because I was inside the character's head. I know, that is usually where you want to be. Unfortunately, my character starts the novel with amnesia. I was literally looking at the story through her eyes and could not come up with anything at all. Finally, I realized I need to plot the events in chronological order and then rearrange them for the novel. I can't believe it took me two weeks of fighting with plot to realize this.

So, duh or aha? I'll leave that assessment to you.


I'd say it was an "Aha" moment. I think it's only natural that you would initially look at the story through your character's eyes. And I think it's good that you can see things from her perspective and imagine what it would be like to have amnesia. Anywaaaay, I think you're wise to work out the chronological order of events and then rearrange them for the novel. I know I always feel pretty lost if I don't have a good sense of the overall plot, especially if events in a story don't occur chronologically.
I figure I need to have a very well planned plot if I have only 72 hours to write the whole thing. I won't have time to think about the plot or anything else for that matter.
Aha very often is duh afterwards.
Never beforehand though.

Good for you that you figured it out!
I felt rather dumb; but at least I figured it out before I had to start writing.

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