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Writing Contest

The plot has morphed into something completely different from what I had initially envisioned.

First, it was going to be a simple novel about Dominance and submission.

Then it changed to having a woman deal with having been raped.

Then it changed to having a woman deal with having been raped and left for dead, and awaking with complete amnesia.

That changed to having amnesia about only the rape and beating.

Now it is a completely different story. It follows the story of a woman who, in high school, spurned the advances of a boy in whom she was not interested. She moves away for college. Several years later, he locates her and stalks her until he ultimately abducts, rapes, and beats her, and leaves her for dead. The story will be told first person and I expect it will be one heck of an emotional weekend for writing. Yes, I plan to have a full box of tissues beside the computer.

Still, it feels good to finally have an idea for a cohesive plot.


That's the thing about developing a plot. It can change so much over the course of even a few days. In any case, it sounds like you definitely have an idea for a cohesive plot. I think you would be smart to have a box of tissues beside the computer as it does sound like it will be an emotional rollercoaster of writing! Best of luck with the novel! :-)
Thank you.

Tissues, luck and lots of caffeine. These are the things that will make my novel work. Regardless (or irregardless as my hubby would say *cringe*) of how things turn out, I'm in it for the experience. It is likely to be one heck of an experience.

I'll report again on the other side.

April 2015



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