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NCL Sun ship


Yeah! I'm going on vacation with my darling Mom. We're booked to sail around Cape Horn. We fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and sail around to Valparaiso, Chile before flying back from Santiago, Chile. Mom is paying my way because her cruising friend can't travel and she really, really wants to go on this trip. (Oh, and I'm broke.) It is long--almost three weeks--and fully escorted. Both of us for very excited. She has wanted to travel with me for a long time and this is her chance. If she gets too tired walking (she goes to Curves three times a week but still can't walk far) I can push her around in a wheelchair.This will be the first opportunity she'll have to really get out and do more things because she'll have a moderately able bodied companion. I'm excited; but I think she is even more excited. When she booked the cruise (kinda late with only four months before sailing), the only balcony staterooms (so she can smoke) available were mini-suites. She paid the extra and we're going in style.

To be fair to my siblings, I asked her to keep track of what she is spending on me and to deduct it from any inheritance I may (or may not) receive. She told me that she doesn't intend to leave anything behind and that how she chooses to spend her money is up to her. She also said she paid for the trip she took to Vancouver with my sister. Okay, my guilty feelings are assuaged a little.

The best part of this whole thing? My Mom is not my Mom, she's my friend. She tells all her friends at Curves that she doesn't have kids any more...she has friends. It's true. I'll be traveling with my closest friend. After all, she carried me for nine months. You can't get much closer than that.

Oh, for the record, I want to be able to put two moods on this entry. I want to show "excited" and "thankful".


The trip sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you're able to go! I'm sure you and your mom will have a fabulous time! :-)

Although my mom is still very much my mom, she's probably also my closest friend. If you have that kind of relationship with your own mom then you should get along really well when you're travelling. If you do find you need a break from each other then you should have lots of room for that on a ship. *g*
I traveled extensively with my parents when I was young. Mom and I get along really well and she's bringing playing cards. We can spend hours playing Phase 10. Good thing too because the flights are 16 hours or more.

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